Tereza Simova

Tereza Šímová

PhD Candidate, Open Access Specialist, Teching Librarian

Czech University of Life Science in Prague

Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences


Tereza is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Economics and Management, Czech University of Life Science, where she is also a teaching librarian. In her research she focus on bibliometric analysis to map the research domains. As part of her dissertation, she is working on research with virtual teams, remote collaboration and other flexible forms of working. More information about her research you can find in Projects and Publications.

She is also an Open Access Specialist at the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences. In her free time, she popularizes topics related to Open Science on Tiktok and Instagram.

Tereza is on the board of the Czech Association of Doctoral Researchers, member of Information Education and Information Literacy Working Group, and member of Working group for scientific data management in the Czech Republic.

My recent activities

A research framework for digital nomadism: a bibliometric study

Digital nomads live a new way of life that creates an ideal balance of work and leisure. Research on the phenomenon of digital nomads is still in its early stages and is not fully framed as a proper r...

Case study: Stop Predatory Practices – Teaching module, 8th e-Learning Excellence Awards 2022, An Anthology of Case Histories

Predatory journals, publishers, and conferences are a pressing problem for the academic community. Predatory practices can manifest in poor quality or incredibly fast peer review, imitation of reputab...

Past, present, and future of virtual teams: a bibliometric analysis

Continuous improvement and development of communication technologies have allowed us to work and collaborate in new ways, including creating virtual teams. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual t...

Performance and time savings of semi-auto title abstract screening in scoping reviews

Multiple automation tools promise to increase the speed and quality of screening through machine learning (ML). In the context of systematic reviews (SRs), it’s clear that ML algorithms can be trained...

STOP predátorským praktikám

Nekvalitní a rychlé recenzní řízení, rozesílání spamových emailů s pozvánkami k publikování, uvádění nepravdivých a vymyšlených citačních ukazatelů, či napodobování a kradení identit renomovaných časo...

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Media literacy interactively and for everyone”

The project “Media literacy interactively and for everyone” seeks to develop media literacy among particularly vulnerable target groups of students aged 15 - 19 and seniors aged 65+. These groups are ...

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Bibliometric software, citation databases and their use in Bibliometrics

Bibliometrics is a statistical tool that allows to analyse the current state and development of scientific knowledge, identify research trends, detect research gaps and analyse research performance. T...

Stop Predatory Practices: Report from the discussion in the Czech Republic

Presented report is part of the project Stop predatory practices. The report summarises the discussion over predatory practices from the perspective of key stakeholders in the Czech Republic. Goal of ...

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Combatting predatory academic journals and conferences

Our initiative aims at raising awareness of predatory practices across the research community. We will first identified the danger that predatory practices pose to the scientific community using discu...

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Open Scientists

As part of the Otevřená věda internship, I mentor two talented high school students. Together we promote topics related to Open...